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Sunny Day 5 and 6 Sunny Beach
Aheloy Beach Residence Aheloy
Fort Noks, Holiday Fort Club Sunny Beach
Pirin Park View Bansko
St Ivan Bansko
Pirin Heights- Bansko
Perun Lodge Bansko
Mountain View - Bansko
Royal Palm Sunny Beach
Panorama Bay 1- Sunny Beach

Congratulations!.... Your new home is ready, what next?....now you need to have the property professionally snagged. Snagging is the name given to the process where we inspect your property to ensure it meets the standards you would expect from a new home.

We will compile a report with a detailed list of defects found and present the list to both you, and to the developer for his attention.

Below is a basic list of some of the checks that we carry out.

Electrical installation Visual check of the complete surface installation, check the operation of switches, socket outlets and lights etc as fitted, visual inspection of the consumer unit installation, and test of the RCD circuit protection, if fitted. And the operation of each MCB and ensure circuits are correctly marked and labelled.

Heating system We will visually inspect the heating system or Air Conditioning system, if installed, and then check operation of the system, and any thermostats, pumps, timers and system control units installed as part of the system. We will also carry out heat loss calculations and ensure that the system is rated correctly and suitable in terms of heat output and energy efficiency for the size of property.

Plumbing Visual inspection of all exposed pipe work, connections and fittings, hot water cylinder and operating test of shower/bath and sink taps and toilet, and where possible check waste water drainage arrangements within the apartments.

Interior finish we will check to make sure that all painted surfaces are properly painted and there are no defects, cracks, unpainted areas or over paint on windows and electrical switches and socket outlets. We also check the operation of all windows, doors, locks and ventilation appliances. If a kitchen is fitted we will check the operation of all appliances as far as possible.We will check the floor coverings, tiling and any skirting finishes and cornicing if fitted.

We also use laser and ultrasound equipment where necessary to ensure the walls, floors, doors and windows are straight and level as far as possible.

We will also carry out a basic energy audit and give advice on any items which would affect the energy efficiency performance of the property in terms of appliances, draught proofing, insulation, ventilation and glazing.

We will also, as part of the price, re-inspect the property to ensure any defects from the original inspection have been rectified.

Our snagging report will highlight any works that need to be completed, and we will provide a copy of the report with pictures normally within 24 hours to both you and the developer.

Our snagging reports are always in English, and also Bulgarian to make the report easier for the developers staff to work with.

After 21 days we will re-inspect the property, and again, normally within 24 hours we will provide you with a report and photos of the completed works.

Prices for Snagging Inspection Reports  
Studio apartment - 199
1 bed apartment - 229
2 bed apartment - 249
3 bed apartment - 269
Villa - 399


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